Open your heart to Rogue Ministry



This new book will open up your heart to a world of risks you may never have dreamed of...

Risk joining the US Army, training, going to Vietnam and leaving wife and 2 kids

Risk leaving KC to go to Florida, knowing no one

Risk leaving to go to Chicago OAC and stand on the streets, preaching the gospel

Risk going to Baltimore / DC area, knowing no one - standing on the streets, subways, bus stops, projects with no salary and no money

Risk going to Philippines as a family of 6, knowing no one and having no money

Risk going to India over and over for 30 years, leaving Barb and the kids alone, having no money and no protection

Risk constantly having "misunderstandings" and leaving OAC/AFC to start HIM

Risk aging years, loss of "youthful" appeal, and rejection

Risk opening my hear and soul to everyone and being vulnerable

Risk being honest about failures, sin, weakness, feeling like I live in a fish bowl

Risk sharing my life, ministry, experiences, relationships, organization with Board, friends and coworkers

Risk betrayal, getting used and abused

Risk investing in so many people and projects - and some fail - no "perfection" (Jesus 12 - 1 Judas)

Risk MYSTERY of pain, faith, suffering the unknown (Hebrews 11)

It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus