14 July, 2018

These past months/year? of ‘helplessness’ and restrictions has given me serious time to think, reflect and ponder so many areas of life.I am daily in pain and sore , as nerves and muscles heal after total shoulder replacement, elbow surgery, neck surgery, broken arm (just below the shoulder replacement?!!), massive arthritis build up and pain in ankle and hip!! Ugg! All this (and MORE) just as we are packing and moving 50 years of “life” and marriage- into a nice 2 bedroom apartment! God uses seemingly hard and painful situations to do the unexpected and super-natural.

As Paul was persecuted, beaten and imprisoned—God Used it all to give us most of the New Testament!! (what would you do without the New Testament??). PTL! If you have had a chance to read my book, Rogue Ministry, (FredKornis.com) you know there has been an army of unsung heroes, prayer warriors, and friends who have faithfully stood by and held the “life-line’ for Barb and me - to be free and able to focus ALL of our lives on outreach and ministry. A serious responsibility for both the “sender” and the “goers”! Wow!? Simply amazing. Each time I think of Hebrews 11, I include many of YOU who are reading this.

Barb and I have the original hand-written records of our devoted “sending team” from the 70’s. Some have slipped into eternity ... and thank God some new friends have stepped up to take their place - ...but some from the beginnings still stand with us - PTL! Thank you so much as we still depend on you and the Lord to minister “in season and out of season”. Sharing the Word is our burning passion, whether in India with hundreds of leaders, on the internet, Facebook, cyberspace, or with strangers and people around us day by day. We are presently also involved in BIG plans to return to India, and possibly Bangladesh to help reach the million of Rohingya refugees so in need of the GOSPEL and encourage the hand full of real Believers in these camps. PRAY!!

May I beg you each to also - to reach out to Byron Wetstone, the Executive Director of HIM, who has given his heart and soul to organize and lead HIM into the future for the greater glory of God!! He is an amazing leader who needs your PRAYER! There are literally hundreds of Pastors, Leaders, workers and people depending on HIM for ministry and survival support.

“He must increase, I must decrease.” (Jn. 3:30) Your partnership and PRAYER is reaching into ETERNITY …. And we hope to hear from you even if it’s only a “👍🏼”! 😊 Running the race and fighting the good fight! Fred and Barb Kornis