Rogue Ministry

The real story of the authentic, unorthodox International mission of Fred Kornis, Jr.

by Fred Kornis, JR

When the angry young paratrooper first joined the US Army, he was running away from a life of drugs, delinquency and desertion that had overshadowed his entire life. But when a chance encounter with an old woman in Georgia melted his heart -- and reduced him to a puddle of unstoppable tears on her living-room floor -- he knew the time had come for his life to turn around ...Or to turn his gun on himself, leaving his new wife and child more alone in the world than ever. That intense Army boy was Fred Kornis, Jr. And in a story of the gut-wrenching emotional journey and unfathomable spiritual transformation that led him to give his life in Christian service, you'll discover the unexpected ways Fred found his rightful place in a world gone mad... how he found the courage to become the street-preaching founder of Heartland International Ministry... and how he's touched the lives of thousands of leaders and tens of thousands of needy souls with inspiration and compassion -- reaching them on nearly every continent on the planet. Fred Kornis traveled an unconventional path to get here. This is how he did it. (All proceeds from every sale will support Heartland International Ministries projects around the world)

It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus