Rogue Ministry


Fred Kornis has been in ministry for over 30 years. Coming from the complexity of a broken home, the drug scene of the 1960's, and the brutality of a tour in Vietnam, Fred was converted into a radical expression of Christianity that has continued to mature over the years. He lives with his wife Barbara in Kansas City where they are based for their evangelistic and teaching ministry (Heartland International Ministries) in Asia, Europe, the Western Hemisphere, and other parts of the World. He has a bachelor's, master's, and honorary doctorate from Trinity College of Florida and continues to travel the world, bringing hope to people who have none.

"I first met Fred in England in 1984; Fred is an open man. His life is an open book... He is a man walks close with the Spirit of God and whose passion is for the salvation of the lost and the revival of the church." 
--Rev. Isaiah Catorce, National Director, AFC Philippines

"I've known Fred Kornis for over 25 years. He talks about the 'walk' with the Lord... and he 'walks' the talk. He is truly one of God's mighty warriors."
--Ray Murray, Board Vice Chairman, Trinity College of Florida